Early intervention is failure prevention.  


Children at risk for dyslexia don't have to fall behind. Our early intervention program targets the signs of reading difficulties like dyslexia before they become a barrier to success. It's time to stop waiting for children to fail.

Why Screen to Intervene?

Research shows that intervention is most effective when implemented early, while the gap between struggling readers and successful readers is still small. Early intervention helps prevent student's from falling behind their peers by targeting deficits in early literacy skills before students must read to learn.

Our Approach

We screen students for the risk factors associated with dyslexia before reading becomes a significant barrier to success. After screening, we build a sound foundation with explicit instruction on phonological and phonemic awareness. We layer early phonics onto sound processing using paired learning, visual, auditory, kinesthetic and articulation activities. 

The Problem With Waiting for Failure

 Dyslexia is often not identified until after a student has fallen behind academically, once they're expected to read in order to learn. Students, especially bright students, can use memory to approximate reading for quite sometime. As a result, they do not develop automaticity and confidence, and may find attending to comprehension tedious and dislike reading because their efforts are not efficient. Changing learned poor strategies and negative experiences is much more difficult. It takes longer and requires more effort from teacher and student. 

Our Story


YokyWorks was founded in 2009 with the mission to “engineer the human experience” for everyone. We built a communication tool, athletic assistance, and eating assistance. Since 2019, we have shifted our focus to help children with reading challenges, including dyslexia .

Our founder, Yoky Matsuoka, struggled for years to find the right intervention for her two children with dyslexia. In this process, she learned about the importance of early intervention and has dedicated her organization to connecting children at risk for reading difficulties with effective solutions. Yoky, who discovered she was dyslexic late in life, envisions a world where parents no longer need to struggle to find intervention for their children before reading becomes a barrier to their success.

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